Professional cleaning services near by

Our domestic cleaning company is well-known with a spotless reputation that has a permanent staff of cleaning professionals at the disposal. We offer standard types of cleaning or an individual program of office cleaning, which will meet the special requirements of your company.

Contact us. We guarantee that:

  • The work will be done in the time specified in the contract. If necessary, cleaners can work early in the morning, that is, before the opening of the office, or in the evening hours. You do not have to bear the additional cost of administration of our staff, cleaning uniforms, tools, and household chemicals for cleaning – everything is included in the cost of services under the contract.
  • We use chemicals and cleaning methods that do not damage your appliances and interiors.
  • Quality control of the work performed is an inseparable rule of the company: obligatory feedback from the customer and immediate elimination of any defects if necessary.
  • The guarantee of civil liability is secured by insurance.

Cleaning is performed once or twice a day, in the morning, in the evening, or during the day. These types of work include:

  • Removing dust from furniture, window sills, office equipment, and other surfaces not more than 2 meters above the floor;
  • Wet cleaning of hard floors or dry vacuum cleaning of carpets and carpeting;
  • Removing dirt from mirrors and glass surfaces;
  • Taking out the garbage, replacing plastic bags in garbage buckets;
  • Disinfecting toilets, sinks, and tiles in sanitary rooms; door units.

Cleaning involves the use of special detergents; they will not harm people with allergic and respiratory diseases. 

Paying a relatively small amount of money, you will get immaculately cleaned living space. You just need tp call us and get an assistance right away. Sure enough, if you are worried about the purity of living space, harmony, and comfort.