Selecting a modern home fire: which ovens are the best ones for our dwelling?

Home fire is a basis of every dwelling from the ancient times. At present time an oven performs such function and therefore contemporary kitchen cannot be imagined without such appliance. What is the best oven? Such question is asked by every homeowner while selecting this type of kitchen appliances. In fact an answer will be individual depending on your demands and preferences.
Foremost consumers decide between gas and electric models. Gas ones are simpler and therefore cheaper in most cases while electric appliances are more functional. At the same time an electric oven repair Manhattan is demanded much frequently.
Then functionality should be selected. In gas models choice is rather limited while in electric ovens there offered different functions and temperature regimes that could be controlled both manually and automatically.
Working storage of an oven varies from 40 to 80 liters. Regard your kitchen space while making your decision.
Finally, design is also important. An oven should correspond to your kitchen design. Grey or black appliances are suitable for high-tech while white ovens are better for classic design.