Sprays for bronze tan obtaining: their composition and influence on skin health

At present time bronze tan is regarded among the most important beauty indicators therefore both men and women strive obtaining glowing skin applying different measures. Sunbathing is rather effective but available only in summer. Moreover it demands much time and not absolutely health for skin health. Indoor tanning is gaining popularity but such technique is counter indicated for people with the first skin phototype or with skin injuries. Wishing to obtain pure tanning but having counter indications for the first two ways, spray applying becomes the best alternatives.
Sprays provide the glowing effect containing different chemical components like dixydroxyacetone, tyrosine and others. The most qualitative and spread sprays contain dixydroxyacetone (DHA). Such component does no harm for your health being plant-based. DHA is derived from sugar beets and sugarcanes. The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety indicates that there were no facts of negative influence of DHA to skin health.
But to avoid any risks get sprays in reliable companies that guarantee the highest quality of products.