The highest quality over the years: what are the reasons of waterless detailing popularity?

Most people show skeptical attitude towards innovations but over the years or even months understand the advantages of new services. That is applicable to the service of mobile car wash. The popularity of such service is gaining momentum.
At first car owners were suspicious wondering how mud and dust can be removed without using water. Yes, such innovation implies washing a car without any water. This technique became possible due to special chemical substances that split mud and easily remove them. Moreover such components have one additional effect. They polish a car protecting it from scratches.
On the other hand car enthusiasts were afraid of those substances prescribing they affect negatively their cars’ paintwork but numerous years of using proved those agents do no harm for your car being eco-friendly at the same.
Regarding numerous advantages like time saving and affordable prices such service becomes more and more demanded. The service may be ordered anytime you want without any queues.