Three fashionable design decisions for a kitchen: which style is the most suitable one?

The diversity of interior decisions is a serious problem for most homeowners who do not know which style is the most suitable. A kitchen design is planned for years therefore even the smallest nuances should be taken into account.
In order to narrow the search there can be pointed out the following design decision that are of much demand for kitchens.
Snow white kitchens
Modern kitchen design frequently uses the white color as the basis. Despite the fact that its popularity came from minimalism there are no limits in using such color.
White color is perfectly combined with wooden or metal accessories. Bright tones can be also added. E.g. top quality kitchen cabinets will be perfectly underlined by white background. Speaking about the décor variants Geometrical ornament or floral theme are better suitable for such interior design.
Using Provence style to decorate a kitchen
The second spread design decision is the Provence style. Such style lies in retro furniture and pastel tones using. Much wood and diversity of colors make such kitchens bright and unique from the design point of view.
Flower ornamentation, wood carvings, antiques, fresh flowers and other details are considered as integral elements of such design decision. The Provence style is suitable for both spacious and space-limited kitchens.
Loft kitchen: latest trends
Loft becomes among the most demanded contemporary styles. The style has come from the US industrial districts but nowadays loft is absolutely suitable for both residential and commercial accommodations including offices, bars, restaurants, etc.
Large windows, bricks and natural materials like wood, metal, etc. Lighting fixtures are frequently installed above the dining and working areas. Loft allows using both dark and bright tones to get contrast. E.g. custom made wall cabinets may be decorated in grey or black colors while the working top is produced of light wood.
Planning a kitchen remember that such room is considered as the most functional one in a house or in an apartment. Housewives spend there about 40% of their time. Thus, everything should be arranged perfectly. Apply to reliable companies only.