Washroom planning: how to make the most important room convenient?

The question about the most important room of a house or an apartment is rather disputable. Different people have usually different opinions but in fact this is a bathroom where we start and end our working day. We relax there and even get warmed up for new achievements. Therefore every detail of a washroom should be thoroughly thought over.

Planning a bathroom take into account that it should be both elegant and convenient, therefore don’t ‘overload’ the space by furniture or various accessories. A bathtub is always the basis. Select this element keeping in mind your dimensions in order to place other necessary objects like washing machine or vanity.

Modern market offers wide diversity of models but nevertheless their attractiveness is temporary. Be ready for facing to stains or scratches over the years. Fortunately that is not a problem anymore. Bathtub refinishing becomes more and more demanded service that makes a dream of a tub surface renovation come true.

But be careful. Apply the most respected companies only where qualified and experienced technicians work.