Why following operating rules doesn’t help to avoid fridge breakdowns completely

Such kitchen appliances as refrigerators are intended to be long-serving ones. Everything depends on brand. World-known producers offer rather qualitative models of fridges that correspond to all demands of consumers. Thus, in case of strictly following operating rules such equipment will have been serving for years.
But at the same time many people demand refrigerator repair Staten Island facing to their equipment breakdowns. In fact operating rules are not the only way to avoid problems. A fridge is rather complicated equipment that consists of different components and those components demand replacement from time to time. Producers themselves recommend replacing some parts every 3-5 years to enlarge the serving term of their refrigerators.
Remember that your fridge should function appropriately. When you notice any strange noises, vibrations or see icing or water those are signals to call professional repairmen. The more timely you apply to specialists for help, the easily a problem can be solved.